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How Much is the Abortion Pill? Abortion Pill Price Information

At CARE we strongly believe that the 24/4 day regimen is far superior to the 21/7 day dosing. Birth control pills are offered in the clinic for a cash price or we can write a prescription to be filled by a pharmacy. Please call our clinic in Bellevue to learn more about financial assistance or our abortion pill price.

Payment and Insurance Information

We accept cash, credit, or debit. Our billing specialist can consult with you about using your insurance. If you are more than 24 weeks pregnant we cannot file an insurance claim for you. However, we can provide an itemized statement for you to file a claim on your own. If you are using a credit or debit card the card must match the name on the photo ID of the patient or person with you. We can accept Health Saving Account Cards (HSA/HRSA) if you are covered on that plan.

CARE is a member of the National Abortion Federation and the National Abortion Federation, and as an approved member, we have access to loans and grants for people who qualify. Most funds require that you have an appointment prior to their approval. Our team member that makes your appointment will provide you with the contact information for abortion funds that you need. There are organizations we work with that provide financial assistance.  We do not accept checks, money orders, or Care Credit. The abortion pill price will be due at the time of your appointment.

What Sets Us Apart?

CARE can get you in for your appointment within the week. Our usual wait for an appointment is less than 3 days.

CARE was one of the eleven sites in the United States selected to perform the research that leads to the FDA-approved version of the French abortion pill (RU-486).

CARE provides all patients with care based on our belief that every patient should be treated with kindness, courtesy, justice, love, and respect.

CARE  provides 24/7/365 direct access to your physician for your questions, concerns, and treatment of any problems.

CARE provides all medicines you need, including pain medication at no extra cost.

CARE provides you with on-site, physician-reviewed ultrasound.

Please call CARE and learn more about how much the abortion pill is at our clinic in Bellevue, NE.


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