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What matters most to you?

Privacy, Confidentiality, Discretion

Whatever words you use to ensure that your visit with us will not become public, we pledge to do everything humanly possible to keep your visit with us and what it was for confidential. As we are a full service family health clinic, even if someone were to find out you had visited us, why you were here remains private. We provide school physicals, D.O.T. physicals, care for minor emergencies, annual exams for men and women, treatment for sexually acquired diseases, family planning and permanent sterilizations for men.


There are many issues that must be addressed to ensure that you will be comfortable throughout your visit here. Although for many, when they think about comfort, physical pain is what immediately comes to mind; but if is really only one part. Yes, you will have some pain; however, most women describe the pain to be like bad "period cramps". Conscious sedation can be considered for certain situations in particular locations in addition to the local anesthetic. You need to know that you will not be judged by us, that we will fully respect your choice. Our pledge is to treat every patient with kindness, courtesy, love, justice, and respect.


At AbortionClinics.org, abortion is what we do. This is not a "side business" that we provide one day a week. We are never "booked up" for 2 or 3 weeks. We do not only care for women early in their pregnancy, and refer patients we don't want to others for care. We promise to get you in as soon as any legally mandated delays are met. You will note that we require 2 or 3 days for advanced gestations and for medical complications. These are required for the safety of your abortion and protect your ability to carry future pregnancies to term without problems.

One Stop Convenience

You can schedule your pap test and annual physical exam as well as birth control with your abortion. We offer paps, IUDs, Nexplanon, and depo-provera at your procedure. We offer STD testing and treatment, in some locations, at no extra charge. You may leave with a birth control prescription. You may leave with all your needed medications at no extra charge. Your follow-up visit is free. At your follow-up we can insert IUDs.

Financial Assistance

AbortionClinics.org is a member of the National Abortion Federation and the Abortion Care Network, and as an approved member, we have access to loans and grants for women who qualify financially. Most funds require that you have an appointment prior to their approval. The staff person that takes your appointment will take your funding information and will call the funds we can, and have you call the funds that require patients to contact them directly. We must have all funding in place before your appointment, so its best to start early.

Appointment Availability

At AbortionClinics.org, abortion is our business. It is not an additional service that we provide once a week or when we have a doctor. We do not limit our schedule and we try to schedule every patient on the day they wish. It is unusual that we cannot see you within 5 days or less. We must follow all state mandatory waiting periods. Abortions at advanced gestations and for some maternal medical conditions require multiple day protocols to assure that your health and your ability to carry future pregnancies is not compromised.

Support Of Clergy

AbortionClinics.org subscribes to Faith Aloud and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. If you are struggling with your decision or would just like to speak to a member of the clergy, please call us. We will have a member of the clergy contact you.

24/7/365 Emergency Contact Number

Each patient is given a private telephone number that will reach our doctors at any time. It is our belief that almost every "disaster" can be prevented if we don't ignore the "little" problems that are often easily treatable. We encourage our patients and/or their support persons to call any time they are worried about anything.

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