Surgical Abortions

There are three types of surgical abortions offered at each facility.


The "D" is for dilation or the stretching of the cervix to allow access to the body of the uterus. The C is for curettage, the removal of contents within the uterus using a long, hollow, spoon-shaped instrument. In the last 30 years, the addition of suction with curettage, has greatly reduced post-operative infections and other possible complications. The term D&C is also used by physicians to "freshen up" the uterus in cases of infertility. This type of abortion is used for 12 to 15 week gestations in most clinics.


Again the "D" is for dilation. The "E" stands for evacuation or the emptying of the uterus with forceps. These are small clamps designed to remove the fetus from the uterus. This technique can be used up to viability.


The "D" again stands for dilation. However, this type of dilation is done slowly with laminaria, an FDA approved seaweed stick that is inserted into the cervix and left until the following day. Once placed, the laminaria will absorb the natural fluids inside the cervix causing it to slowly expand and dilate.