Self-Induced Abortions

Self-induced abortions, herbal abortions, street corner (imported drug) abortions, or whatever other name they may be called, are at best unreliable, and often can cause very serious or even fatal complications. In many cases they are illegal.

Possible problems:

  1. Herbal abortions: Women often seek herbal abortions because they want to avoid drugs and/or chemicals. Actually even though the herbs may be exempt from FDA rules, they are drugs and chemicals. The problem comes from the fact that plants and herbs rarely are standard in the strength of the chemical components. Temperature, moisture and soil conditions all contribute to how plants grow. The chemicals in the exact same plant can vary greatly from year to year and from region to region. These differences can produce ineffective to overdose ranges. In addition most herbal remedies require doses that are harmful to the mother in order to affect the pregnancy.
  2. Street Corner Drugs: Sometimes you may be fortunate and find the right drugs and the proper instructions to cause an abortion. However, from experience with our patients, this is likely to be very rare. The most frequent problem is that the drugs you find are phony, look-a-like tablets, imported from a foreign country and do not contain any medication that would cause an abortion. Sometimes these tablets contain lead and other poisons that do severe damage to your body. Even if you get the right medication(s), unless you are given the correct dosing amount and schedule they may not work.
  3. Self-induced abortions: Whether you attempt yourself, or a friend helps you, there are no safe self-induced abortions. Every day, in the underdeveloped countries, almost 400 women die from unsafe abortions. Even in the United States there are several death and many more hospitalised each year from attempted "home" abortions. We also see many women each year who remain pregnant after attempting to cause an abortion.

The question remains: why do some women try this when safe abortions are legal and available? Is it confidentiality, cost, religion, distance, fear of immigration, age, language barrier, or whatever? Please call us at (800) 737-3845, or email us at to tell us your problem, and we will do our best to help you obtain the safe and legal care you need and so deserve.